7 Tips

7 Tips

by Conrad & Judy Kreuter

To remove a painted on boat name use EZ Off oven cleaner. Spray onto boat name, wait 10 minutes and wipe off with paper towels.

To make a fast and neat caulking job around deck hatches, windows etc., apply masking tape to both sides of surfaces to be caulked. Apply caulking and wipe with finger to remove excess. Allow caulk to dry and remove tape.

To make it easier to reattach your canvas snaps, use an unlit candle to rub paraffin wax on the snap surfaces, this method also works on the zippers.

To take your boat out of the water faster at the ramp, use the motor. While the motor is idling in forward, winch the boat onto the trailer. Make sure to take the motor out of gear and shut the engine off before you pull the boat up the ramp.

To install spark plugs in inboard and I/O engines faster use a 12” piece of 3/8” fuel hose. Insert the plug in one end and screw in place. Tighten completely with suitable spark plug wrench.

To save time during your next rigging job add a messenger wire into the rigging tube of the boat. Just connect the new wires to the messenger and pull through the rigging tube.

To start a hard to reach Phillips head screw in an inaccessible place, put a small piece of paper between the head of the screw and the screwdriver.