Boating World Apr03

LI Boating World Apr03

by Conrad & Judy Kreuter

Q: Dear Boat Talk: Last month you talked about float plans. What are they and what should be included in them? WW, Oceanside NY

A: Dear WW: Both commercial and recreational pilots file flights plans prior to each flight. The flight plan coupled with almost constant communication with ground controllers insures a safe flight. A float plan is similar device for boaters. We encourage all boaters to file a float plan before going boating. Leave the float plan with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Coast Guard or other rescue organizations should you not return as scheduled.

The following is a suggested float plan compliments of Sea Tow International.

Name of person reporting and phone number

Description of boat, type, color, trim, registration number, length, name of vessel, make and other distinguishing information.

Number of persons on board with names, ages, addresses and telephone numbers.

Engine type and horsepower, number of engines and fuel capacity.

A list of survival equipment on board such as Pfd’s, flares, signal mirror, smoke signals, flashlight, food, anchor, raft or dinghy and EPIRB.

Is there a VHF or amateur radio on board? List frequencies.

What is the trip’s destination? When you expect to leave, day and time, from what location, and when you expect to arrive, or are expected to return to your homeport, and in any event what is the latest time you will return.

Other pertinent information that will aid in rescuers to find and identify you.

Your automobile license and type of vehicle color and make. The type of trailer and license number. Where is it parked?

And a time at which if you are not heard from, the telephone numbers of the local Coast Guard, police or marine bureau who may be called upon to aid in rescue.

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