Install Stereo

Install a Stereo

by Conrad & Judy Kreuter

Want some fine tunes while fishing, cruising, or just hanging around? Why not install a new CD player in the boat? Visit your local dealer to select the best stereo to fit you budget. Installation is easy. Here’s how:

Locate the stereo in the dash where access is easy from both sides and where it won’t interfere with other instruments or gauges. Each stereo comes with a template to cut the proper clearance hole. You will need a jigsaw with a fine blade for cutting fiberglass. Mark the template outline on the dash. Drill ¼” inch holes at the corners of the cutout and start the jig saw in one of the holes. After the cutout is made, dry fit the stereo to check the installation. Install the speakers in the same manner as above. The stereo will sound the best when the speakers are far apart, so try to locate them on the port and starboard sides of the boat. If your boat is larger or if you have a cabin, four speakers will be better than two. Always make sure you can access the speaker easily.

Install the stereo and connect the power leads to a 12V source behind the dash. Run the speaker wire, supplied with the speakers, from the speakers to the stereo. Connect the speaker wires to the stereo as indicated by the instructions supplied with the stereo. Purchase a small dipole antenna from your IMD dealer and connect to the stereo. The dipole antenna can be left behind the dash and still receive good AM and FM radio signals.