Propeller repair

Propeller Repair

by Conrad & Judy Kreuter

Q: Dear Boat Talk: While getting my boat ready for spring, I noticed the propeller has a number of rough edges. Is there any way to fix this or must I purchase a new propeller? KH, Amityville, NY.

A: Dear KH: Small nicks and rough edges on the blade of your propeller can be repaired by having the propeller reconditioned. This is usually an economical repair as the cost is generally one-third the price of a new propeller.

Reconditioning a propeller is the term used for the process of straightening and re-pitching the blades to its original specifications. Welding similar materials to the blades can repair larger chunks missing from the blades.

You can take your propeller to your local marine dealer and he can have it reconditioned or check the telephone listings in the yellow pages under Propeller Reconditioning.