Boat Maintenance Services Near Hampton Bays, NY

MBM Service Department and Rates

Moriches Boat & Motor is dedicated to every aspect of customer service. We know that the boating season is short so that is why every effort is made to ensure that there is more time out on the water for you!

Moriches Boat & Motor is an award winning service dealership. We are a Suzuki Cutting Edge Award Winner which is given to the top servicing dealer in the northeast region! We are the only dealer in New York to have won this award not just once, but twice! We are your authorized dealer for Suzuki Outboards and Yamaha Outboards.

Our technicians have been through some of the toughest training courses that the marine industry has to offer! Each and every technician must be able to diagnose engine problems and use specialized computer diagnostic equipment. This training enables us to make sure that your boat is completed properly and on time!

We have a fantastic service program called MBM QuickCare. Here's how it works, if you have a problem with your boat, bring it in to our facility, and one of our technicians will look at your problem right away. If we can fix it, we will, right then and there on the spot. If it requires further diagnosis or parts, we will ask you to leave it with us, but when parts come in, your boat will be a priority. What does this mean for you? Well, it means more time out on the water with family and friends!

In 2013 Moriches Boat & Motor became the exclusive service provider for the customers of Atlantic Cove Marina. This gives their customers access to prompt, reliable service that is done right the first time.

Moriches Boat & Motor now offers boat transportation for boats up to 32'! We have a hydraulic trailer that will handle up to a 12,000 pound boat. Scroll down for our competitive rates.

Moriches Boat & Motor offers an extensive list of quality services that can be provided to each and every customer per your request:

  • MBM SERVICE LABOR RATE - per hour - $140.00
Annual engine maintenance
Moriches Boat & Motor
200 Atlantic Ave.
PO Box 658

East Moriches, NY

Service Description

Annual engine maintenance is key to providing you with years of trouble free boating. Our service includes the following tasks:

  • drain lower unit gear oil, check for impurities, and refill with new gear oil
  • change engine oil and filter
  • lubricate all grease fittings (including propeller shaft)
  • apply corrosion protection chemicals on powerhead
  • lubricate steering system ram, hone and lubricate tilt tube of engine
  • replace all external zinc anodes as required
  • replace water separating and engine fuel filters
  • perform carbon removal procedure
  • inject engine with saltaway solution
  • check power trim and tilt operation, refill as required
  • perform check of starter motor and alternator output
  • check and set idle and rich/lean adjustments
  • run computer diagnostic report on engines so equipped
  • check idle air control valve duty cycle
  • check PCV hose
  • check fuel lines and breather hose
  • change thermostats
  • change spark plugs and perform compression check
  • clean exterior of engine, wax engine cover
  • replace all internal zinc anodes as required
  • check propeller shaft seals for violation or wear
  • paint lower unit with factory color
  • baytest engine and check for proper operation, record all readings