Ungrounding Boat

Ungrounding a boat

by Conrad & Judy Kreuter

Q: Dear Boat Talk: The water around where I boat is very shallow. Is there some way I could get my boat off the bottom when the engine cannot be used? BD, Valley Stream NY.

A: Dear BD: Your letter did not mention the size of your boat, so we will assume that is not a very large craft. One method of getting your boat into deep water would be to push the boat with a paddle of pole.

Another method is to throw out your anchor in the direction you wish to travel, set the anchor and pull the boat toward the anchor. You may have to repeat this procedure a few times until the boat is in deeper water.

The “ when all else fails” method requires getting out of the boat and pushing it. Remember to keep a swimsuit or wet suit on board unless you don’t mind getting wet. Only try this method during the warm months as cold water can result in hypothermia or worse.